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It doesn't get any bigger – and better – than Garth Brooks in Minneapolis

The Super Bowl, the Final Four, Garth Brooks.

Do events get any bigger at U.S. Bank Stadium?

This weekend's two-night GarthFest had the buildup of other recent super events at USBS: Instant sellout, news conferences and rabid fans. If you thought the Patriots and Eagles fans were amped and the Virginia and Texas Tech faithful were hyped, then imagine 70,000 all rooting for the same team.

The response was overwhelming on Friday. Like maybe the Vikings finally won the Super Bowl. Big wish.

Fans were on their feet for 2½ hours. They sang along together to nearly every song. They lit up their cellphones on tender ballads. And they cheered vociferously for their favorites, which was about every other tune.

Garth responded with a typically winning performance because he was, as always, in Garth gear, the only one he knows. Part giddy, part grateful, all gung-ho.

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