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Garth Gears Up for Super Birthday Weekend
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Garth Gears Up for Super Birthday Weekend

Having a February 7 birthday, this isn't the first time Garth has been able to combine the Super Bowl AND birthday festivities!  We asked him a few questions about his upcoming Super Birthday Weekend.

Having a birthday on Super Bowl Sunday is starting to feel 'normal,' which is really coincidental because we built the house with one day in mind, that was Super Bowl Sunday.  So the kitchen opens out to the great room so Miss Yearwood can do whatever she feels whenever she feels and she is ALWAYS part of the party and the game!  Then our promise was to make everyday in this house to be Super Bowl Sunday. 

Any predictions about the big game? 

Not really.  We have friends who are fans of BOTH teams, so I'm sure there is going to be a lot of smack talked.  We will VIRTUALLY watch together, cheer together, do squares together...could be a big chance of someone winning tens of dollars!!  :)

Do you know about any special birthday plans, or is it a surprise every year? 

The ONE thing I ask each year is to have my girls in one room that day. With them being so spread out now and so busy, the ask might be more to see them throughout the weekend.  With the pandemic, it may mean me going to each of them, but if that is what I have to do, then I will do it:)

Birthdays and Super Bowls require special food--what's on your menu? 

Here's where having Miss Yearwood in the kitchen REALLY pays off!!  I really love 'snacky' foods on THE BIG DAY...guacamole, peanut butter balls, chips and dips...kind of things and a lot of cold drinks ranging from soda pops, juice, beer, etc...the more the merrier.

Do you have a birthday wish you'd like to share?

I really don't have birthday wishes...look, I live in a fantasy world given to me by God, the people, and the family I am lucky to surround myself with. So any wish I could possibly want is answered every day.  My birthday is not that different from every other day--not because it's NOT a special day, but because it IS.